Your Vision Comes to Reality

IMG_1113Kitchens, kitchens, kitchens… seriously does anyone want anything else remodeled in their home? Kitchen renovations is without a doubt the most requested construction project in not only San Antonio but probably the nation. It’s a room that gets more views and more attention than any other from guests in your home. So what do you do with this jewel? New countertops? Beautiful eye-candy tile? – How about all of the above! Seriously, do not mess around when remodeling your kitchen in San Antonio. Vision Design and Build is an expert and remodeling kitchens all around south texas. They have a team of kitchen designers that are focused on making your kitchen the absolute best it can be! However, Vision Design and Build is so much more than just a kitchen remodeler! They also excel at bathroom remodeling, room additions, and even custom homes. If you are ready to work with the premier remodeling company in San Antonio, give them a call!

Vision Design and Build

731 Lovera Blvd.

San Antonio, TX 78212


Home Theater and Automation Done Right

home-theaterlightAre you tired of flipping switches as you enter a room, or manually adjusting window blinds? At Branson Design Group, they totally get it – the most valuable commodity in your world is time. By adding small improvements of home automation to your space, you can slowly cultivate extra time for yourself or loved ones. With enough of these small time harvests, you can certainly have a lump sum of maybe an hour or so. Think about that – an hour to do anything you want! Perhaps to workout, read, or spend time with your family. How much would an extra hour a day be worth to you? Thats 30 hours a month – almost an entire work week. BDG offers you just that – TIME.

Branson Design Group is a home theater san antonio company offering home automation, motorized window treatments, lighting control, and corporate a/v solutions in Boerne, TX. If you are ready to gain control of your kingdom, give the folks at Branson Design Group a call.

Branson Design Group

217 E Bandera Rd #3

Boerne, TX 78006


Trio Rehabilitation Offers Exciting Therapies

triorws-instaTrio Rehabilitation and Wellness Solutions is excited to announce some exciting new therapies for their patients in the San Antonio and Boerne area. From physical therapy to occupational therapy to speech therapy, Trio Rehabilitation and Wellness Solutions  has a highly trained staff of physical therapists whose primary focus is rehabilitating patients from injury. Trio has a fully equipped state of the art clinic to assure their patients will not only meet their health goals but exceed them.

The second part of the trio is occupational therapy in Boerne. Their occupational therapist focus is purposeful activity or interventions designed to achieve functional outcomes which promote health, prevent injury or disability and which develop, improve, sustain or restore the highest possible level of independence.  Patients with alzheimer’s, parkison’s, dementia, or in need of neurological therapy, look no further than the folks at Trio.

The third part of the trio is speech therapy which focuses on pediatric speech along with therapy for adults in Boerne. Trio also serves the communities of Fredricksburg and Bulverde.

Trio Rehabilitation and Wellness Solution

217 E Bandera Rd Ste #2

Boerne, TX 78006


Bathroom and Kitchen Design hits San Antonio

kitchen-design-san-antonioThere are hundreds of kitchen and bathroom remodelers in the San Antonio area and also quite a few kitchen and bathroom designers. However, not until recently has there been an award-winning interior designer like studio illu that brings world-class interior design to the San Antonio area. Studio Illu has a dozen designers on staff that specialize in various areas of the home.

Where most remodeling companies miss the ball in creating unique spaces is they simply do not focus on design. Studio Illu works with remodelers to raise the bar on kitchen and bathroom remodeling projects through amazing and simple interior design. Studio Illu is the only designer in San Antonio that certified kitchen design on staff while also a team of architects and other interior designers to enhance the overall finished project.

Studio Illu

San Antonio, TX

Race Bib Marketplace

A new an exciting online marketplace has launched for buying race bibs and selling race bibs – introducing bibdibz. For many runners, race registration happens months to almost year before a race event. Unfortunately due to training or life events, they are unable to participate in the event. Typically this results in the loss of the registration fees paid, often rising above $100 and more for multi-day events. bibdibz is a marketplace that connects people looking to sell their race bib to people looking to run in the event. There hasn’t been a race bib marketplace until now – bibdibz.

Race Bib Marketplacebibdibz gets it and the following statement was posted on their site: “Most of us register for races months ahead of time to assure a spot in the race but stuff happens – injuries, life emergencies, family commitments, etc. You shouldn’t have to lose the money spent to register for that race. This is where bibdibz comes in – we are an online bib marketplace that connects bib sellers to bib buyers. There is no fee to list your bib and all payments are secure for both sellers and buyers. It’s time for a bib revolution – join us.” Simply put – bibdibz is a place for people to buy and sell race bibs. If you are looking to get into a sold out race like the Disney Marathon, Seawheeze Marathon, Chicago Marathon, New York Marathon, or any other race, perhaps bibdibz might have a race bib for sale.

We are excited to see this exciting new race bib marketplace take off!


It’s Getting Hot in the Kitchen

bathroom1-960x502Sitting in the heart of San Antonio is the areas hottest design center. Kitchen and Bath Counters is a one stop shop for everything kitchen and baths. From sinks to tile to granite countertops San Antonio – name the product and you can find it in the design center. Their goal is not only provide the best remodeling fixtures and products in San Antonio but also to act as the design and construction company to allow the most complete home renovation offering. Granite Countertops in San Antonio is extremely huge right now. Bathroom renovations typically require a large arrangement of products from plumbing fixtures, electrical fixtures, to stone products for the floors and counters.

Kitchen remodeling is without a doubt the best return on any remodeling investment. Jireh Granite & Marble has expert kitchen designers on staff to assure their clients projects are not only beautifully designed but super functional. We urge you to call the fine folks at Jireh Granite & Marble today!

Jireh Granite & Marble

9406 Converse Business Lane, Converse, TX 78109

(210) 800-2429

Tent Rentals in San Antonio & Austin

tipi2 (1)If you are looking for an amazing way to have an outdoor wedding in San Antonio or Austin, look no further than Indie House Event Rentals. They offer tent rental San Antonio for both weddings and corporate events. Their tents offer anywhere from seating for 30 to seating for 250. They also offer tent rental Austin for residents to the city of the north. Because of the extended warm weather of both San Antonio and Austin, outdoor events have become the number one requested venue for special events in the area.

These party tipis are unique to the area and there are only a few tipi vendors in the US. If you are looking for a beautiful bohemian setting for your event, look no further!

Indie House Event Rentals

San Antonio, TX & Austin, TX


HOT Kitchen and Bathroom Remodeling

bathroom-renovation Homeowners in San Antonio and Boerne, TX looking for the latest kitchen and bathroom remodeling designs, look no further. BRAVI is a San Antonio remodeling and designer focused on providing Boerne and San Antonio homes with expert bathroom and kitchen remodeling projects. San Antonio cabinet designer like BRAVI are in big demand going into the holiday season. Most residents will be having family occupying their homes and want to impress with award winning kitchens or luxurious and inviting bathrooms. Kitchen remodeling projects such as custom cabinets, granite countertops, led lighting, and decorative tile backsplash are extremely popular. San Antonio Room Additions typically include large custom showers with beautiful tile and shower fixtures. Homeowners also want large inviting soaking tubs to relax at the end of the day. Double vanity layouts with granite counters and amazing lighting top the list of most San Antonio and Boerne homeowners. BRAVI is also a San Antonio kitchen remodeling, window replacement, and siding replacement contractor. We highly encourage our readers to contact BRAVI our friends at BRAVI if your home is in need of an updating. From kitchens to bathrooms, BRAVI can take your project from design to completion.


9918 McCullough , San Antonio, TX 78216


Liposuction in San Antonio no longer SUCKS

Ok we get it – you are tired of that extra weight you are carrying around your stomach, arms, legs, or butt. You are ready to lose it for good. Typically when diet and exercise fail to deliver the desired results, San Antonio residents look to traditional liposuction to remove the unwanted fat and inches. The problem with liposuction San Antonio is that it can be fairly expensive $3000 to $5000 per area but also requires an incredible amount of downtime. Black Diamond Med Spa in Stone Oak offers the latest in non-invasive liposuction with their i-Lipo system. With i-Lipo you can get similar results with 6 to 8 treatments. These laser San Antonio liposuction treatments last 45 mins at a time and cost as little as $120 a treatment which is a small percentage of traditional liposuction. bikini

There is zero down time with i-Lipo and patients can return to work that afternoon. Black Diamond Med Spa is located in the Stone Oak area and are taking on new clients daily. Laser liposuction San Antonio med spa gets you the results for a lower cost and lower risk and downtime. Contact our friends at Black Diamond Med Spa to schedule your appointment for i-Lipo or Testosterone Therapy San Antonio

Black Diamond Med Spa

18730 Stone Oak Parkway Suite 106, San Antonio, TX 78258



Testosterone Boost in San Antonio

San Antonio men looking to boost their energy, sexual performance, and weight loss should consider speaking with our friends at Blue Diamond Med Spa to get their testosterone levels checked. Men’s testosterone levels take a dramatic plunge in their early 30s and stay in a mode of decline for the rest of their life. Blue Diamond Med Spa will not only restore a man’s youthful testosterone levels but increase them to a level that will maximize their potential. Blue Diamond Med Spa is a testosterone therapy San Antonio medical spa that offers the highest quality San Antonio testosterone injections.  Typical testosterone therapy consists of weekly injections at their Stone Oak location.bluediamondmedspa

Blue Diamond Med Spa also is the leader in Laser hair removal San Antonio services. Laser hair removal is offered for both men and women with a variety of membership options. BDMS memberships make it incredibly affordable to get consistent hair removal on a monthly or weekly basis. We highly encourage our San Antonio med spa readers to reach out to our friends at Blue Diamond Med Spa to find out more about safe laser hair removal along with testosterone replacement therapy.

Blue Diamond Med Spa

104 Gallery Circle, San Antonio, TX 78258


Stone Oak Chiropractor is Expanding in San Antonio

San Antonio ChiropractorFor the past year, Stratton Sport & Spine has been the prominent chiropractor in the San Antonio area. Dr. Brock Stratton has been featured in many local publications for his extraordinary work in the chiropractic field. Stratton Sport & Spine treats not only many professional athletes but also numerous athletes from around the country. From NFL players to Crossfit champions – Dr. Stratton has treated the top athletes in the world. Chiropractic treatments are crucial for healthy spine and joint function along with sports recovery for not only the professional but for everyone.

Stratton Sport & Spine has much success helping weekend warrior athletes that take on challenges such as marathons, Crossfit, triathlons, and Iron Man competitions. Their Stone Oak chiropractor clinic has numerous advanced recovery systems such as a whole body cryotherapy, Normatec system, and traction tables. Dr. Stratton encourages anyone searching for recovery of not only sports related injuries but also everyday injuries like rolled ankles to setup an appointment to visit the Stone Oak chiropractic office.

Most chiropractic patients will require several monthly treatments to aid in the holding of spinal and joint adjustments. If there is a lingering injury, this could take a bit longer. Stratton Sport & Spine handles traditional chiropractic services along with soft tissue management for athletes.

Stratton Sport & Spine

300 E Sonterra Ste #410, San Antonio, TX 78258



Interior Design or Remodeler?

Kitchen Remodeling in San AntonioWhen planning a kitchen remodeling or bathroom remodeling project, homeowners in San Antonio often look towards a remodeler or contractor as their first contact. Unfortunately when looking for the construction aspect of the project is sought first,  the most important step of the process is completely overlooked – the interior design process. While common in other areas of the country and in cities such as Austin, the seeking of interior designers or architects as the initial step in the home remodeling process is crucial. There are important decisions that need to be made according to San Antonio remodeling companies such as KM Builders. These decisions involved space planning that focus on the function of the space. These decisions include the moving of walls and restructuring of the inside of a kitchen or bathroom remodeling San Antonio project. Other decisions involve the aesthetics of the remodeling project, these include colors, cabinets finishes, type of solid surface counters (granite countertops, quartz countertops, Silestone, and Caesarstone.), from large fill tile to small decorative tile, plumbing fixtures and electrical fixtures, and finally appliances.

All these decisions should be made by an interior designer or architect prior to reaching out to a construction company or remodeler. Furthermore, by having these decisions made, each home remodeler will be able to bid on the exact same plan so you can compare apples to apples. There is another route one can take and that is to hire a design/build remodeling firm that handles both the design and construction aspects of your remodeling project. KM Builders is a kitchen remodeling san antonio and interior design that will take a home remodeling project from conception to completion.

KM Builders

7915 Mainland Drive, San Antonio, TX 78250


Chiropractors Adjusting Operations

West Jordan ChiropractorChiropractors around the nation are starting to adjust their chiropractic clinics to focus on more than just the typical spinal and joint adjustments. We have covered local San Antonio chiropractors like Stratton Sport & Spine that have made their practice into a facility that focuses on the rehabilitation and recovery of sports athletes, now similar clinics are opening their doors all over. Utah ChiroSport is a Salt Lake City Chiropractor featuring a West Jordan chiropractic clinic.  This amazing and state of the art clinic features everything your traditional chiropractor would have but also modalities geared toward athletes such as marathon runners, crossfit participants, and other injury-prone sport activities.

With a lack of Chiropractors in Salt Lake City and particularly West Jordan Chiropractor clinics, Utah ChiroSport has setup itself to be the premiere clinic in the area. They are proud to not only service the greater Salt Lake City area but also West Jordan, Murray, Draper, West Valley City, and Sandy.

If you are in need of a spine or joint adjustment, they are taking new patients now. Also, if you are in need of relief from a nagging sports injury – Dr. Taumoli will provide you with expert chiropractic care to speed the recovery process.

Utah ChiroSport

8846 S. Redwood Rd Suite N-103, West Jordan, UT 84048